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Blockchain in Government

Blockchain in Government: Disruption, Innovation, and Opportunity

There has been much discussion about blockchain and its exciting possibilities for the future of business and government. For the public sector, blockchain technology represents a unique and powerful way to build trust through efficient and open systems. Government organizations of all types have begun using it in some applications and testing it in others. Blockchain represents a brave new world for government organizations worldwide seeking the ultimate in transparency, security, and trust. However, if its full potential is going to be reached we need to make sure it works robustly and in real world situations. And the question remains, can it deliver as advertised?

Blockchain technology is like the early days of the internet. So much promise, but so much hype. Is it going to prove to be a passing fad, or is it going to change the world? As more and more join  the bandwagon it gets harder to tell. The hype cycle ramps up and the journalists search out the scandalous stories around crypto-currencies. But underneath it all there is real innovation. Real people solving real problems.

Join us at Blockchain in Government in Washington, DC this November to hear great examples of fascinating uses of blockchain technology, as well as insights from the best thinkers about its broadest and most exciting impact. Explore what it really means to those in government, both in terms of how blockchains could increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their own work, and how appropriate legislation can ensure that blockchain initiatives avoid the worst risks and fulfill their greatest promise.

Who Should Attend

  • Policy Makers, Regulators, Lawyers
  • CIOs & IT
  • Blockchain platform innovators and providers
  • Civil servants & Government employees thinking about or already experimenting with the technologies
  • Blockchain Practitioners: Those experimenting who want to connect with other practitioners
  • Digital Transformers: Those curious about new technology & how to use it to streamline operations

What We're Talking About

  • Governance: how to regulate appropriately without stifling innovation
  • Blockchain Integration with current activities & operations
  • Technology Skills needed along with the Talent to support Blockchain projects
  • Selling the Potential of Blockchain to Senior Management & Non-Techies
  • True Digital Transformation: using new business philosophies and technologies to enable real innovation
  • How those currently in the Blockchain Trenches operate along with challenges and insights
  • Security, Risks and the future possibilities of blockchain technology