Blockchain in Government 2018 Presentations

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018 Hello World

Blockchain Tech for the Non-Geek
Euan Semple - 0900_Semple.pdf
What Do the Analysts & Thought Leaders Say?
Andrew Young - 0930_Young.pdf
Early Applications of Blockchain Technology
Max Ganado - 1100_Ganado.PPTX
Sonia Mundra - 1130_Mundra.pptx
Bubba Cook - 1100_Cook.pptx
Blockchain for Good
Supporting the Blockchain World
Kevin Werbach - 1515_Werbach.pdf
Keynote: Why Blockchain is the Future

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Government Implementations: Blockchain Technologies in Action
Stephen Quest - 0900_Quest.pdf
Victor Vyshnov - 0900_Vyshnov.pdf
Victor Vyshnov - 0900_Vyshnov.pptx
Implementations: Discussion
Attendee Lunch
Smart Contracts & Private Blockchains
Blockchain Challenges from Practitioners
Marcus Ralphs - 1445_Ralphs.pdf
Digital Business & Economics: Present & Future
Rumi Morales - 1545_Morales.pptx
Closing Comments